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Funding Process


Show us your trading skills

The Challenge is a 30-day simulated trading account in which you have the opportunity to demonstrate discipline in meeting the money and risk management objectives. Your trading style is completely up to you, we do not set any limits on instruments or position size you trade. We measure your trading performance based on the Trading Objectives.


Verify your results and become the LFX trader.

The objective of the Verification is to verify, for the last time, that you have a solid and consistent strategy. The difference in the Trading Objectives between the Challenge and the Verification are in the Profit Target and in the Time Period. The Profit Target is reduced by 50% and the trading Period is extended to 60 days.


You are now the LFX Trader.

As soon as we meet the trading Objectives of the Challenge and tje Vrification, you will have to become the Trader. Now you can start making real money. The only objectives the Trader must follow and the Maximum Daily Loss, Maximum loss and Minimum Trading Days. These three objectives are protected by our prosperity software. We no longer require you to meet the Profit Target or other Trading Objectives.

Join the Team Of Our Successful Traders

If you are ready, accept our Challenge and become our funded LFX trader. You can even try the entire process completely free of charge.