Information. Technology. Human skill. This is our approach to creating value for our clients. We structure and analyze the world’s data to seek out opportunities, applying technology to financial systems. We also believe in hiring world-class talent to help us achieve these goals. 

We aim to generate uncorrelated alpha consistently across a wide range of market conditions by staying true to some core themes: Manage risk. Be data-driven. Small opportunities add up. Measure to improve. Diversify and maintain liquidity. Drive results through execution.

Introduction to Investor Relations
Colleges. Hospitals. Insurance companies. Science organizations. Research institutions. Pension funds. Philanthropies. And more. The majority of our clients are institutions. Our team understands their needs and creates flexible, customized solutions to meet them. We’re the bridge between the work that Lion FX does and the investors for whom we do it. Investors trust us with their assets. It’s our job to help them reach their long-term goals.

Prospective or current investors should contact the Investor Relations team by email at or by phone at +1 917-722-5027

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